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My battle with Type 2 Diabetes

what Happened to jez?

“They said I couldn’t … so I did.”

– Jez Joseph

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Training Hard

I'm currently training towards the biggest physical challenge I have ever undertaken and would be greatful for your help in motivating me to get up and train during the long dark and very cold winter months.

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I like many of you out there, I am data mad!!! I’ve used it to help ensure I keep type 2 diabetes at bay. Take a look at my accounts and if you have any suggestions feel free to offer your advice. I’m always seeking to improve my training effectiveness; give me a follow and cheer me on.

After completing the inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon last year I will be running the full marathon on the 28th of April this year on behalf of Diabetes UK Please consider sharing my story and donating towards my fundraising through my just giving page. Every little helps even if its the cost of a coffee, a pint, or you know…. a bottle of champagne or whatever other essential you buy in the average shop 😉

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The story of my transformation and successful assault on diabetes is a difficult story to tell not least of all because of how I achieved such a drastic change in my life. Stay tuned for how it all began….coming soon